Our electric ovens are the end result of over 25 years’ experience in using temperatures and baking pizza, focaccia and similar products.

top line

medium line

small line


Our design department has created increasingly high-performing pizza ovens when it comes to materials and technical solutions, with a particular focus on the details that make our products easier and safer to use under all conditions.

The range of functionalities and performances offered by our ovens enable anyone to find the right product for their needs.

We take extra care with the materials and components we use. Once our designers have declared them suitable for use, we subject them to strict performance and duration tests.

Most of the ovens we produce can be supplied in the TOP version.

This means the entire chamber (roof, floor, sides, back) is covered with refractory plates that, with their thermal flywheel effect, maintain the optimum temperature inside the chamber and allow more even cooking. All the refractory plates we use for the cooking surface are pre-treated with a grinding operation on the surface.

Aside from guaranteeing perfect alignment between plates, this treatment also increases the surface roughness enabling more even cooking.



Our company uses the feedback it has received over the years to focus increasingly closely on our customers’ requirements, including in our ongoing search for new materials and technical solutions.

For venues short on space but still wishing to offer their customers a comprehensive service, GAM has created a “gluten-free” line with a stainless steel prep table and smaller yet high-performing professional ovens.